8 workouts you can do at home to stay in shape

Photo of runner courtesy of pixabay. Demonstrations of exercises to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Matt Schubert 
Contributing Writer

It can be hard to clear your head during this pandemic, but one thing that might help is exercise. These eight exercises can be done within the safety of your own home and offer some relief while gyms are closed. 

1. Running

You can run almost anywhere, and during the pandemic, it is no different. While some states have locked off sidewalks, people can still run around their house or create a course that is away from other people. If you are in the city, the exercises below may work better. 

2. Core

Core exercises take many forms, but none of them take up much space. You can do crunches, sit-ups, butterfly kicks, and more. Some people tend to ignore their core, so now is the perfect time to give it attention. 

3. Chest

You may be away from the bench, but that doesn’t mean that your chest muscles need to suffer. Push-ups and using your entire body weight can keep your muscles active, and you can build up endurance. 

4. Triceps

To work out triceps, you can do a modified push-up. The key is to have your arms out in front and to form a diamond with your hands like the video below. 


5. Back

The back is one of the more difficult muscles to exercise at home, but if you have two chairs and a broom, that will be enough. You can do a modified version of a row by pulling your body weight to the broom. 

6. Arms

To work out your arms, all you need is two items of somewhat equal weight. In the video, I use milk jugs, but anything will work. 

7. Legs

You can do normal or dynamic squats to stretch out your legs and train your muscles. If you are looking for a harder workout, you can hold something heavy like in the video. 

8. Shoulders

Shoulders, like the other arm exercises, require only two objects of near equal weight. For this exercise, all you need to do is hold them and shrug. 

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