5 Ramen recipes for busy college students

Looking for a twist on a college classic? Here’s a few Ramen recipes to try out this week. Photo courtesy of Kadel.

Kerry Kadel | Contributing Writer 

As a college favorite, Ramen is the go-to meal for all students who need lunch on the go or are sticking to a budget. Though, eating the same cup of noodles everyday can get boring. If you’re looking for a way to spice up–literally–your Ramen meal, here are some recipes to make your noodles taste better and be healthier.

Spicy Ramen

Perhaps you’ve heard of a viral TikTok trend that had to do with making your Ramen cup a little spicier. Tasty AZ wrote an article on the trend, adding the recipe for all intrigued readers wanting to add a new taste to their noodles. Any type of Ramen works for this recipe and all you need is butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, chili flakes, one egg and one or two cloves of garlic. You’ll need a pot or tea kettle (whatever you have to boil water) and a saucepan for this recipe. While your noodles are boiling or warming up in the water for six minutes, melt the butter and add the garlic cloves until it creates a fragrant (which means it makes a good smell). Now, add a little bit of your Ramen water into the pan, adding the brown sugar, soy sauce and chili flakes. The sauce will thicken in two to three minutes, and when it does you can add all your Ramen noodles into the pan and the egg. Stir the egg until it’s cooked and voila you have a new Ramen recipe.

You can find the article with the recipe here, and if you need to hear how good it is, @food52 gives her take on the recipe, while also showing you how to make it. 

Breakfast Ramen 

Have a little bit of time before class starts? Make Ramen for breakfast. Society 19 has a delicious recipe for how you can start your morning off right with a good breakfast. The recipe includes a cooked pack of Ramen noodles, sausage or bacon, one or two eggs and cheddar cheese all mixed into a skillet. This breakfast Ramen is sure to give you the morning boost you need. This recipe only takes fifteen minutes but depending on your serving size it can even be less. The ingredients call for scallions and extra-virgin olive oil, but even without them your breakfast will be one of a kind.

You can find the whole recipe and precise instructions here.

On-the-Go Ramen

If you can’t find the time to go out and eat or you’re up to your neck in schoolwork, try on-the-go Ramen noodles. Society 19 says that all you need is a microwave and a little carry container. Let the noodles warm and get soft for two minutes. Then once done cooking shock them with cold water. Place all your ingredients into one jar, separating the sauces and seasoning into their own. Make sure to layer the main Ramen jar with vegetables and your choice of cheese and stick the Ramen in the fridge until you need something quick to put in the microwave.  Make sure to pour warm water into the jar and let sit for two to three minutes. Thoroughly stir and enjoy.

The recipe and instructions can be found here

A lot of celebrities have their own recipes for certain meals, but Kylie Jenner and K-Pop star, Hwasa, take their Ramen recipes to a whole new level. 

Kylie Jenner Ramen

Kylie Jenner’s Ramen recipe is one that Tasty AZ has also covered. This recipe doesn’t need a whole lot of ingredients besides butter, garlic powder, one egg and, of course, Ramen! First, let your Ramen soften for two to three minutes, then add your garlic powder and butter. Next, add your beaten egg and let it cook for one minute and you’re done. Tasty AZ suggests adding a little bit of salt and pepper to your egg and to cool down your noodles before adding the egg to really get a creamy texture.

You can find the article with the recipe here.

Hwasa Ramen Recipe 

For you K-Pop fans, Hwasa of the South Korean girl group MAMAMOO has a Ramen recipe that really enhances the flavor. When making her Ramen, Hwasa throws in dried vegetables and lets it cook until the noodles separate. She then adds the seasoning packet and lets it cook until the broth has become so thick that it coats the noodles entirely. Truffle oil is generously added into the pot before putting the noodles into a bowl and topping it with an egg yolk. She mixes it all together and digs in.

The video for Hwasa’s recipe begins around the 1:51 mark. You can find it here.

So, there you have it—a new take on the cup of noodles we all know and love. Perhaps this can inspire you to make your own Ramen recipe and share it with others!

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