From The Land Of Smiles: New Flyer News Online Series From Thailand


Catherine Sheehan
Staff Writer

Hey Flyers! Welcome to From The Land Of Smilesan online series of articles written from the other side of the world. I’ll be writing these posts while studying in Chiang Mai, Thailand this semester. I hope you’re ready to hear my thoughts as I adventure around Southeast Asia for the next five months!

Thailand is known as the land of smiles — a reflection of its happy people. I’ve been here for a little over three weeks and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be happy here!

There’s beauty everywhere you look and the weather is amazing (though I know it will be a lot hotter than I’ve ever known in a few short months … more on that to come later).

In addition to the mountains, waterfalls and beaches all over the country, there is food everywhere — and I mean everywhere.

Since Thais don’t often socialize at home, meals provide the opportunity for them to connect with each other. The smell of the incredible food creeps on you from around every corner.

A usual day for me includes spicy noodles, vegetable stir-fries and tons of fresh fruit that is readily available at fruit stands on the street.

I would say these are everyday occurrences, but I’ve come to understand things here run on what we call “Thai time.”

With the laid back lifestyle most people here lead, food stands, restaurants and even shops open and close as the owners see fit.

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While adjusting to such a different way of life can be difficult at times, I’ve come to appreciate it. It’s okay to slow down, the world isn’t going to stop turning!

Look out for my next post if you’re interested in hearing more about life across the globe! Until then, Jai Yen or relax!

Photos Taken by Catherine Sheehan/Staff Writer