From The Land Of Smiles: Community In Chiang Mai And On Campus


Catherine Sheehan
Staff Writer

Hey Flyers! Welcome back to the From the Land of Smiles. After sharing so much love for Thailand, I feel as though it would be weird not to share a little love for Dayton … especially since my love has grown during my time here.

It’s true what they say, distance does make the heart grow stronger! Since arriving in Thailand in January and spending the last two months adapting to the Thai lifestyle, my appreciation for certain things at Dayton has grown.


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In my last post, I shared my appreciation for how friendly Thais are and their willingness to work together. I have since realized that one reason I appreciate it so much is that it reminds me of UD. While it’s not something that is valued across the United States, it is one of the main reasons why I love Dayton.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit Khao Sok, a beautiful national park in Southern Thailand. Since it was in such a remote place and transportation was limited, my friends and I decided to hitchhike (sorry mom!) back to our Airbnb one night. We were only waiting a few minutes before three different families from the little town we were in began figuring out where we needed to go and how to get us there.

While my friends and I were thrilled at how well it went, I was not at all surprised. I was quick to realize this was because I am spoiled this same way at Dayton! It is not uncommon for another Flyer to offer to walk me home from campus or after a night out and, unfortunately, this is not something that is true at all universities.

If you’re reading this as a student at the University of Dayton, take a minute to think about the incredible place it is and appreciate it
during your time on campus!

If you’re reading this as a friend or family member, thanks for listening to my appreciation post for my home away from home while at another home (far) away from home.

And, as always, look out for my next post if you’re interested in hearing more about life across the globe! Until then, Jai Yen or relax!

Photos and Video Taken By Catherine Sheehan/Staff Writer