UD Senior Brings Christmas Spirit To Her Home


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By: Emily Battaglia – Staff Writer

With lights strung around the trees and along rooftops, it is clear that the Christmas season has come to the student neighborhood. For the six women of 127 Evanston St., however, the Christmas spirit extends much further than the eye can see.

Upon entering the front door, one would notice the many strands of light hanging from the ceiling, the walls plastered in wrapping paper, and various Christmas decorations lining the shelves. Attaining this festive look was no easy task, though. For senior communication major Sarah Sheridan, it was a three-day-long affair.

“When I was in high school I was really into decorating my house for Christmas,” Sheridan said. “It was always something I loved doing, and this was my first year living in a house on campus, so it was fun to bring the Christmas spirit to our home.”

Another example of UD’s Christmas cheer.

Drawing some inspiration from Pinterest and various magazines, Sheridan dedicated hours to decorating, even staying up until 3 a.m. one night. After seeing her excitement and the progress of the decorations, Sheridan’s roommates began to assist her in the project.

Sheridan says she used about six strands of lights, as well as various decorations that she and her roommates brought back after Thanksgiving break. The women debuted the home’s festive new look with a party they hosted last Thursday.
 “It was so fun to see all our friends in such a happy mood when they saw the decorations,” Sheridan said. “They just all had such big smiles on their faces when walked in; it was like they were little kids again.”

Photos Courtesy of Sarah Sheridan