Rocktoberfest Rolls Through Campus

Melody Conrad
Staff Writer

On Saturday, the University of Dayton community came together for Rocktoberfest, a fall-themed festival that celebrates with good food, music and activities.

There were a variety of activities available such as candy corn hole, bobbing for donuts, the inflatable, and painting pumpkins.

Pumpkin painting hosted students Sophia Marcinkiewicz, first year, who decorated her pumpkin black to “match the curtains” in her room, and Erin Leyden, first year, who painted hers white with various colored stripes in spirit of the event.

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Feature performances at Rocktoberfest included The Ripz, Becca Trumbull, The Dead Licks, The Daytimers and R&D, with each group bringing a different aura to the event.

R&D’s band members Bella and Aaron, co-leads and guitarists; Drew, drummer; and Thomas, bass; took to the stage with a casual, playful style, joking around and laughing at Aaron for breaking his guitar strings and forgetting lyrics.

“I promise I’m not always this unorganized,” he laughed into the mic.

The audience continued to listen as R&D members poked fun at one another between songs, a lighthearted complement to excellent musicianship.

The Daytimers, consisting of Blake Bergere on guitar and vocals, Chris Glikes on bass, Amy Pompilio on drums, and Pat McAdams on guitar, followed later, and the crowd cheered for the group. Feet tapped and heads bobbed in the audience as Bergere jumped across the stage, and the vocals during their songs riveted listeners.

Later in the evening, the pie eating contest and final bands wrapped up the event.

Students who enjoyed Rocktoberfest are encouraged to attend the Thursday Night Live events, also hosted by iACT, every week at 8:00 p.m. at ArtStreet Cafe.

Photos Courtesy of iACT.