Panel: Women And Gender Studies Program Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Liz Kyle
News Editor

Monday, the women and gender studies program sponsored a panel featuring students of their major in honor of its 40th anniversary at the University.

The four student panelists, all senior women and gender studies majors, included Robyn McNaughton, a double major in psychology, Erin Winchester, a double major in international studies, Elisabeth Spector, a double major in sociology and Ana Etienne, a double major in psychology. The panel was moderated by Denise James, associate professor of philosophy and the program’s director.

Topics of discussion ranged from the panelists’ favorite classes in the department, what they hope to do in the future with their majors and what feminism looks like on UD’s campus.

The panelists were then questioned by audience members on aspects like what modern day feminism looks like in a commercialized society and how to include men into women and gender studies’ classes and programming.

“Since we value community so much on this campus, having more men in the program and finding ways to build relationships with other departments like engineering and business would be extremely beneficial,” Etienne said.

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When asked about their experiences as students in the department, each panelist expressed gratitude and fulfillment about the department’s course programming.

“The program has been incredibly beneficial in my life, in ways I’m not even aware of yet,” McNaughton said. “I hope students on campus will become increasingly involved and interested in what we have to say.”

Photos Taken by Liz Kyle/News Editor