Local, And Recently Opened, Doughnut Shop District 6 Donuts Shuts Down

By: Roberto De La Rosa-Finch – Online Editor

Only lasting half of a baker’s dozen, District 6 Donuts in Oakwood has closed up shop after the owners posted on their Facebook page Thursday that they had shut down.

The doughnut shop that opened at 6 Oakwood Ave.–just outside of the University of Dayton’s campus–in June 2017 may have fallen victim to the local donut competition.

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Retired Dayton police officer William Parsons who co-founded District 6 told News Center 7 that the business was not losing money, although he was disappointed at the level of walk-up sales.

The main factor behind the decision to shut down was the time Parsons and his sister, Kellie Tomlinson, spent away from their families, according to their Facebook post.

Two weeks after the District 6 opening, Duck Donuts announced it would open a shop later in the year just down the road on Brown Street.

Duck Donuts opened its doors in October and plans to bring a couple more shops to the Dayton area in the next year or so.

District 6 made-to-order, custom donuts were very similar to Duck Donuts’s doughnut preparation.

Parsons told News Center 7 that he and his sister had decided even before Duck Donuts opened that they were either going to move to a smaller location for better attraction or shut down altogether.

He said he believes his product was superior to Duck Donuts.

Only time will tell if Duck Donuts will survive longer than District 6 did, as more Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons are set to move into the area.

Photos Taken from District 6 Donuts’ Facebook page