Agape Latte Has Music And Cookie Filled End To The Semester

Dr. Henrick posing with the Agape Latte Coffee Bean.

By: Emily Battaglia – Contributing Writer

Monday was a bittersweet day for attendees of Agape Latte as the final gathering of the semester took place in Torch lounge with a talk led by Dr. Andrew Henrick.

Agape Latte is a monthly event that invites students to learn more about faith and religion in a casual environment. As usual, the evening began with entertainment, free cookies and coffee for all in attendance. Nathan Mansour and Ethan Tropani, student musicians at UD, started the night off playing live music; setting the tone for the thought-provoking presentation to come.

Henrick, an engineering professor at UD, was introduced shortly after and began his talk centered around the theme of “developing your frame.” Henrick discussed his faith journey, prayer life and the process of discernment he went through when he decided to leave the seminary when he was younger.

He emphasized centering life around prayer, as opposed to just seeing it as an obligation, and delved into the idea that God will lead a person down the right path if they take the time to truly listen and open their heart to him.

“You need to step back and see where these things that you are doing right now are leading you,” Henrick said. “I really pray that you all are able to take these four years at UD to learn what the orientation of all your experiences are.”

The evening concluded with a brief Q&A with Henrick, followed by a final farewell for the semester from the Agape Latte co-directors, who look forward to another successful Agape Latte season next January.

Photos courtesy of Emily Battaglia and Agape Latte’s Facebook

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