Post-Punk Band Highlights Humans As Errors With Latest Album Release


By: Cari Zahn – A&E Editor

Scroll through your music library. Find something post-punk from the late ’90’s. Organize by year. Scroll to the ’70s and find some glam rock or synth pop. Combine them, but with a progressive style that reflects a good tune from 2017. Oh, and make sure it has a funky, sci-fi theme or a comedic story. Is this starting to sound too difficult?

Plan B: Download Absolutely Not’s music, including their most recent album release, “Errors.” Achieve the same effect.

Finally, it feels, frontman Donnie Moore has found his niche in music, with sister and keyboardist, Madison Moore and drummer Santiago Guerrero. Before this trio found light, Absolutely Not was an idea, a performance in Moore’s Florida apartment, a few songs written or a rotation of volunteer musicians. Now, it’s a band.

“We’re all finally, really in the exact same mindset when it comes to what we want to do,” Moore said.

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As the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Moore tells stories through his music. Inspired by real life experiences, Moore takes the things that have happened to him and twists it into a comedic story. Moore also draws from sci-fi and horror movies. Being a part of his favorite genre, these films give Moore the outlandish view of life that he needs to complement his idiosyncratic writing style.

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Not only does Moore produce progressive music in an instrumental sense, but a social sense as well. Absolutely Not’s music and personal mantras are strongly rooted in LGBTQ advocacy, though that is not the only social theme on which they focus. The album, “Errors,” is a commentary on the “errors” of society: people who are different, and therefore, likely not understood.

Attendees of an Absolutely Not show will not miss out on the social justice push, as Moore says he wants to provide not only entertainment, but the type of message that he got from seeing bands live when he was younger.

“You shouldn’t be judged for any reason, at any point based on your skin color or sexual preference,” Moore said.

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For Moore and his bandmates, music is therapy, and they want to extend that therapeutic experience to onlookers in an inclusive space.

As for the sound, Moore said the audience should expect “a sonic assault on the senses.” Through a new kind of music, listeners can expect songs about female cyborgs that only kill men, or views on sexuality, in a tightly timed set and a friendly environment.

Absolutely Not will perform at Double Happiness, 428 S. Front St., Columbus, Thursday, September 28, 7 – 8 p.m. Absolutely Not’s music is available for streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp.

Photo Courtesy of Spencer Scanlon