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Flyer News is the student-run newspaper of the University of Dayton. It works to have a dialogue with the campus community and offers a forum for opinion. The university makes no representations or warranties regarding products or services advertised in Flyer News. Flyer News reserves the right to edit or reject all copy. Flyer News does not necessarily uphold or advocate the opinions in the columns, letters or cartoons appearing in the opinions section. Contact us at FlyerNewsEditor@gmail.com.

Amanda DeeOnline Editor-in-Chief
Amanda Dee—Senior, English and Journalism

Amanda started her journalism career hating the coldness of journalism. But when she realized the power of story, the power to give other people a voice and help other people hear it, she became drunk with that power and wanted to share it.


Allie GauthierPrint Editor-in-Chief
Allison Gauthier—Senior, Electronic Communication

Allie started at Copy Editor, now she’s here. Her influences are Mindy Kaling, Kanye West and William Randolph Hearst. She proofread this bio four times before publishing it.


Rachel CainNews Editor
Rachel Cain—Senior, English and International Studies

Rachel is absolutely in love with the power of journalism to touch lives through words, photos and videos and hopes the Flyer News team will spread awareness about issues affecting campus, as well as the nation and world.


Mary Kate DorrA&E Editor
Mary Kate Dorr—Junior, Public Relations

Mary Kate likes to think of herself as the Leslie Knope of journalism. She believes strongly in writing about what you love, which is how she ended up in A&E, where she could reference pop culture, utilize her gift of sarcasm and avoid sports lingo to her heart’s content. *drops mic*


Steven GoodmanOpinions Editor
Steven Goodman—Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Steven is a force for writing trapped in the body of an engineering major. His opinion is that the opinions section is one of the most significant since it allows the UD campus to discuss issues relevant to their lives.


_MG_8907Sports Editor
Daniel Massa—Senior, Sports Management

Daniel is a native of Indianapolis and has worked on multiple sides of the sports media industry. He is also the co-director of sports at Flyer Radio and is part of the lead student broadcast pairing for several Flyers sports, including men’s and women’s basketball. He wants Flyer News to be your No. 1 UD sports news source.


Chris SantucciMultimedia Editor
Chris Santucci—Senior, Electronic Communication

As a professional photographer with over a decade of experience, Chris Santucci knows well the power of a good photograph. As FN continues to push the envelope with groundbreaking efforts in multiplatform journalism, he looks forward to discovering new ways of telling stories and capturing the memories and moments that define our lives.


Kelsey MillsArt Director
Kelsey Mills—Senior, Graphic Design and Marketing

Kelsey has always had an eye for the arts. Whether it’s playing music, taking photos or designing the next issue of Flyer News, her obsession for creativity inspires her to open the eyes of others and give them an opportunity to see the world the way she does.


Alise Jarmusz Flyer News by Chris Santucci Santucci PhotographyBreaking News Editor
Alise Jarmusz—Senior, Marketing and Management Information Systems

Alise started as a staff writer for the news section and fell in love with journalism’s knack for introducing her to new people and stories she never otherwise would have known. Alise hopes to continue to share these stories and would like to create a baby animals section in news (an idea that has yet to be authorized).


Louis De GruyAssistant Online Editor
Louis De Gruy—Senior (fifth-year), Physics

One day, Louis tripped over a chair, fell through the floor and landed in the exact room where interviews for Flyer News student positions were being held. After serving as the opinions section editor, Louis still strives to raise the level of public discourse on campus and to bring to light important issues relating to the student body.


Melissa ShafferWeb Technician
Melissa Shaffer—Senior, Computer Science

Creating a website is like painting a masterpiece; the possibilities are endless. Melissa enjoys the power to virtually share great stories by a click of a mouse.


Aline LeclairAdvertising Manager
Aline Leclair—Senior, Marketing and International Business

Aline started working for Flyer News in 2014 because she has always loved reading the news and has a passion for marketing. While she does not write for FN, she loves to contribute story ideas—especially topics about international news.


Business Manager
Molly Kunkel—Senior, Operations and Supply Chains

Molly joined Flyer News because she’s always loved being updated on campus and local news. As the business manager, she enjoys learning about the necessary connections needed to financially insure the production of Flyer News.

Copy Editor
Kira Ogburn—Junior, EYA Education and English

Kira hails from the tropical paradise of Florida and still has no satisfactory answer for why she ever left (except that Dayton is the best place on earth). She loves sailing, playing viola, random trivia and writing.